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The project level is where programming documents and implementation arrangements are transformed into actual projects. ESF funding requires that all projects integrate the dual gender equality approach in all levels and phases of their lifecycle.

At project level gender equality begins with a gender analysis of the issue being addressed. This analysis  forms the bedrock for the entire process, ensuring that gender equality is a reality in all projects, whatever their focus.

On the basis of the real facts and figures on the situation of both men and women – in their diversity – and of a reflection on the causes of any observed inequalities , targeted and appropriate gender equality objectives must be set, and relevant actions should be planned for the implementation phase. Regular checks that these objectives are being met must be carried out through gender-sensitive monitoring and evaluation. These different steps are explained in more detail by clicking on the links in the menu on the left of the page.

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Created: 2013/01/06   Changed: 2014/12/09