Capacity building as a comprehensive strategy


It is important to develop a coherent medium and long-term strategy for capacity building, as opposed to an ad-hoc training approach.

Organisations need to develop a coherent strategy to build capacities and manage the knowledge and experience gained about gender equality, and they need to do so within the perspective of a long-term goal. This means that we have to identify those individuals within organisations who can have the greatest impact.

Training one person in an organization will not be enough either; this person should at least be trained as a multiplier so that trainees can play a role in the further building of capacities in the organization.

A comprehensive strategy also looks further than just training when it comes to capacity building; internal and external networking can play an equally important role in maintaining and updating knowledge and experience of the practice of gender mainstreaming. If you want to know more about capacity building including awareness raising, please follow the link below.

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Created: 2013/07/24   Changed: 2014/12/04