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Gender equality objectives and indicators for the implementation cycle are set, based on:

  • The outcomes of the analysis of the area of intervention, which need to match the overall gender equality objectives of the European Union;
  • The thematic and gender equality objectives of the ESF Regulation and the OP`s gender equality objectives and indicators.

These gender equality objectives must be tailored to the respective field of intervention and be formulated as objectives concerning performance, participation and impact on gender equality.

The key question to be answered is: What contributions can and should the programme make to the promotion of gender equality in the area of intervention?

Ensure that the gender equality objectives set out are clear, specific and – where possible – measurable.

In addition, all objectives set out in the implementation cycle must be screened from a gender perspective. Screening could include reviewing such things as:

  • Whether objectives are presumed to be gender neutral, but in fact will have a greater impact on men or women;
  • If some objectives may in fact reinforce gender divisions or stereotypes (e.g. access to technical apprenticeships for young men, work-life balance measures only for women).
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Created: 2013/01/10   Changed: 2014/12/04