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The most sophisticated indicators available are to be used in order to monitor on an ongoing basis whether gender objectives and indicators are being met by projects, and thus by the programme, and – if they are not – to be able to take remedial action as necessary.


All indicators must be collected and presented by gender:

  • Indicators on the participation of women and men in their diversity; this means to make sure that monitoring data contain figures on women, men, boys and girls with a migration background, in unemployment or precarious jobs, or holding decision-making positions etc;
  • Indicators related to the context or area of intervention such as transition from school to work, local development and entrepreneurship;
  • Indicators regarding money spent by the programme in order to conduct on-going gender budgeting analysis.

Categories for monitoring the gender equality dimension of an Operational programme, action plan or thematic priority must be precise and match the different aspects of the dual gender equality approach of the EU.

When delivering their monitoring data, Member States must report on their gender equality strategy such as:

  • The gender mainstreaming approach in their project;
  • The positive/specific action measures regarding women in their diversity;
  • The positive/specific action measures regarding men in their diversity.

Besides allowing for delivering data and answering monitoring questions by “ticking boxes”, the monitoring form includes free-text boxes for explaining the gender equality approach of the projects; these explanations can also be used in programme, action plan or thematic priority evaluation.

The expenditure and progress reports on the programme must include detailed information about the implementation of gender mainstreaming and positive or specific actions. It shall be made clear how all programme measures are contributing to improving gender equality. If progress is not being made, remedial actions are set out.

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Created: 2013/01/10   Changed: 2014/12/04