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ESF, or the ten-ten-ten fund (10% of the EU budget, €10 billion each year, helping 10 million Europeans annually), plays a key role in fulfilling the vision of a society that offers women and men equal opportunities. In the menu to the left you can find thematic background on youth, poverty and new skills and jobs from a gender perspective.

The thematic background information has been written by experts in each area (the full-text is also available through the links):

The thematic reports build on the findings of the GenderCoP thematic working groups (2010-2014) on youth, poverty and new skills and jobs. The working groups mainly consisting of officers from Managing Authorities of the ESF:

Further reading

The material above was originally prepared for the conference “Reinventing the ESF? Gender as the key to a sustainable, smart and inclusive society” (December 10 2014, Brussels). All conference documentation can be found here.


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